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Cassity Tree Service has been providing expert tree care services, like tree installation & fertilization, and shrub installation & pruning to Pleasant Prairie WI for over 30 years. We can help out with all aspects of tree health care maintenance including tree removal, trimming, pruning, plant health care, and more. We know how important your trees are to the aesthetic of your property, and we want to make sure they're properly maintained.

We have two ISA Certified Arborists on Staff and and are ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. We have the experience, qualifications, and certifications you need to ensure the highest quality tree care services.

When is Emergency Tree Service Needed?

Trees deliver many benefits to your yard. They add curb appeal and provide shade. However, trees may occasionally become hazardous. If they're sick or damaged, you'll need to contact a tree service as soon as possible. Here are several situations that may call for emergency tree service.

Storm Damage
Heavy storms can occur no matter the season. Even the strongest trees can sustain damage in extreme weather. High winds can cause tree trunks to snap, or even uproot the tree. Excess water can loosen the soil around the tree, exposing the root system and making the tree likely to fall. Lightning strikes can severely damage trees. After a storm, contact a tree service to see if your trees need attention.

Tree is Sick
Sick trees need to be addressed quickly. Otherwise, the disease can spread to the other trees on your property. Sick trees are also highly likely to fall. Signs of disease include:
• Large cracks in the tree's trunk
• "Tree cankers" or missing bark
• Weak or frequently falling branches
• Discolored leaves

It's possible for a tree to lean slowly over time as it reaches toward sunlight. However, a tree that's suddenly leaning may be damaged. Leaning can indicate that cracks are present. A tree that's leaning at a sharp angle is at a high risk of falling, which can cause injuries or damage your property. A certified arborist should examine the tree and determine if emergency removal is needed.

Risk of Property Damage
If trees are too close to your house, they can cause property damage. Tree roots can create cracks in your home's foundation. They can also invade your septic system. Branches may become entangled with power lines or telephone wires. If this occurs, you'll need help from a tree service to prune your tree or remove it.

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