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Tree Care Tips

Your trees are an important asset. They increase the value of your property, produce oxygen, provide shade in the summer and block cold winds in the winter. But urban and suburban trees, because they must share our living space, have special needs that you can help fill.

Plant the Right Tree

Don’t plant a problem! Take a careful look at the planting site and consider what you want to accomplish. Find out the characteristics of the tree you want to plant and make sure it fits. We will be glad to help you with plant selection, or, ask your nurseryman.

Plant Properly

Follow the planting instructions provided by the seller, or have a professional do the planting for you. We will be glad to provide this service.


Apply mulch 3 to 4” thick around the base of the trunk. Don’t pile the mulch against the tree, though! Extend the mulch out to the extent of the trees canopy (the “umbrella” of leaves) if possible. This is especially important on younger trees and recently planted trees.


It is good to water a tree. It is not necessary to drown it. Find out the proper amount of water for each species, and don’t forget to consider actual rainfall and the sprinkler you use on your lawn. Again, we can help you with this information, or you may obtain it at a nursery.

Mowing & Weed Trimming

Trees don’t like collisions with lawn mowers or being whipped by the cutting cord of your weed trimmer. Mulching solves this problem. However, if mulch is not an option, we recommend trimming against the tree trunk with shears to prevent injury.

Monitor Your Landscape

At least once a season, take a good long look at your landscape. Has anything changed? Do you see branches hanging lower from trees or cracks in the trunks? Any odd coloring or dying plants? Seasonal monitoring may reveal problems that can be easily corrected if spotted early!

Plant Health Care With A Conscience
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