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We have found that many traditional lawn care companies apply products that are counterproductive to tree and shrub health and/or duplicate services to trees and shrubs that can result in detriment to the plants and the environment. We have applied extensive research to provide you with low risk lawn health care.

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Our Products

Lawn feeding with a 13-0-03 phosphorus free 53% BioSolids and 11.5% organic Humic mixture that maximizes the effectiveness of the applied nutrients and improves soil structure for the lawn and all plants in the application zone. It also contains naturally derived Nitrogen with 25% coated as slow release for continuous feeding while protecting our water resources. Five applications per year will provide the recommended 3 lbs. per 1000 sqft., as recommended by major university studies.

Insect control is achieved in a single application of Acelepryn insecticide. This remarkable new product has achieved the singular distinction of not requiring a Signal word by E.P.A. (not even a caution). It is very effective on grubs like the Japanese Beetle and other surface feeding insects. There has never been a product with this comprehensive control while maintaining such a gentle profile for the environment.

Weed control is achieved by spot sprays and a single application of the U.W. promoted "Defender" low risk herbicide. They are only applied when and where weeds appear and they carry the mildest signal word available of "caution." A healthy lawn with better soil structures will have fewer weeds as annual care continues as well as low or no impact on nearby plantings. Our concern is that many companies automatically apply fungicides. These diseases are typically weather related and should not be treated unless they should appear. We can certainly care for these types of problems on an as needed basis.

Plant Health Care With A Conscience
Cassity Tree Service did a fantastic job. We are very pleased.Karen L.

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